Modeling and Simulation Services

Image Generation


GameSim has experience developing Image Generators for the simulation industry. 

  • ·        Thermal Views, FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared)

  • ·        NVG (Night Vision Goggles)

  • ·        Terrain Paging

  • ·        Particle Systems

  • ·        Vertex/Fragment Programs (Shaders)

  • ·        Sea States (Wave Effects and Underwater scenes)

  • ·        Volumetric Clouds

  • ·        Moving Models with Articulated Parts


Supported network interfaces: 

  • ·        DIS (Distributed Interactive Simulation)
  • ·        HLA (High Level Architecture)
  • ·        CIGI (Common Image Generator Interface)


Semi-Automated Forces


GameSim has experience adding custom features to many of the Government Off The Shelf (GOTS) SAF systems. These systems include ModSAF, OTB (OneSAF Testbed), JSAF and OneSAF.




By utilizing commercial products along with custom developed solutions, GameSim can generate and convert correlated terrain databases for a variety of applications. GameSim has direct experience producing and converting the following terrain database formats.

  • ·        OTF (OneSAF Terrain Format)  and OneSAF ERC
  • ·        CTDB (Compact Terrain Database)
  • ·        OpenFlight
  • ·        CCTT Terrain Databases (Close Combat Tactical Trainer)
  • ·        SEDRIS Transmittal Format (STF)
  • ·        Source Data Formats
  • ·        VBS2