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Cross Platform

Conform is designed for Windows, OS X and Linux.

Custom Features

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What is Conform?

Conform is a powerful, easy-to-use tool for processing your GIS data. Whether you are a new or experienced GIS user, you will find Conform a useful tool to view, edit and analyze your data. Drag and drop folders of data into Conform and it will automatically load all supported GIS formats (e.g., Shapefiles, DTED, GeoTIFFs, LIDAR, etc.). Got a new batch of data that you need to take a look at? It's as simple as dragging the root folder into Conform and let it handle the rest.

Built for Speed

Using modern game engine rendering techniques, Conform will parse and display large amounts of data in moments. Many GIS tools require users to create separate projects when loading GIS data from various geographic locations and formats. This is not required in Conform. Users can load all of their data into a single project and use the intuitive map window to view all of their data across the globe.

Visualize in 3D

Viewing data in 3D is a must-have feature for all GIS applications. However, many tools make the process difficult for new users to get set up. Conform provides a powerful 3D Preview that allows you to visualize your raw GIS data immediately, without lengthy pre-processing steps. Vector edits made in the 2D map are immediately shown in the 3D Preview as well. This provides a unique perspective on otherwise flat data, and allows rapid identification of problems that may only be visible when viewed a different way.


GameSim provides rapid response to all problems reported in Conform and works closely with each customer to ensure Conform is meeting their needs. In addition, GameSim offers service contracts to customize Conform to meet specific requirements. Please contact for any questions.

Compare your Data

Many users are interested in viewing their data against other outside data sources for the purpose of validation. Conform achieves this with a feature called Base Maps. These Base Maps are from sources such as Microsoft Bing or MapQuest. Simply enable a Base Map and a user can instantly compare their data against the selected service.

Vector Editing

Editing vector data is also supported in Conform. This feature allows users a simple way to edit existing data and create new vectors. These modifications can then be saved back out in the native file format.


For developers, Conform comes equipped with a C++ SDK that can be used to extend Conform's feature set.

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